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Welcome to the All-Goldfarb Site!

G oldfarbs of the Internet, welcome! Since 1995, the All-Goldfarb Site has been dedicated to communication among people interested in the worldwide Goldfarb family and its genealogy. It is a non-commercial site that is completely fueled by volunteer labor (mine) and my desire to do my small bit to unite the Goldfarbs of the world. Our database now contains 774 Goldfarbs residing in 24 countries!

Changes Are Coming!

This crusty, old site design with the clunky database and antiquated navigation is in dire need of an update. To that end, I am using a content management system to create an entirely new site with more dynamic content and more frequent updates. I will implement a functional message board and better overall capabilities for communication among users. There will be much better facilities for editing personal data and deciding which of it you want visible to others. I hope to roll out the new site by the summer, and I'll keep you apprised of my progress here.

Goldfarb Coffee Mugs Sold Out!

Thanks, fellow Goldfarbs, for purchasing the entire run of Goldfarb coffee mugs. The couple hundred dollars your purchases generated paid the hosting fees for this website for a few years.

I have no plans to order another run of mugs at the moment. (My brother's advertising specialty business charges me an arm and a leg for them--ok, just kidding, Joel.) However, I might come up with another unique Goldfarb item in the future. Suggestions are always welcome.

Colombian Goldfarb Wants Goldfarb Contacts

Angelica María Avila Goldfarb, of Barranquilla, Colombia, is interested in making contact with fellow Goldfarbs, particularly Spanish-speaking ones. Her note follows, after which I'll translate it into English:

"Hola, me encantarìa conocer personas de mi familia, ya que en Colombia los Goldfarbs somos muy pocos. Quisiera conocer sobre mis antepasados, y estar en contacto con gente de mi familia. Si alguien está interesado, favor escribirme a mi correo electrónico ("

Which means (in my best effort at an English translation):

Hello. I would be delighted to meet members of my family, for in Colombia, we Goldfarbs are very few. I would like to know about my ancestors and be in contact with people from my family. If anyone is interested, please send me e-mail at

New Film by Phillip Goldfarb

Phillip M. Goldfarb, formerly executive producer of the television series Monk, among other significant accomplishments too numerous to mention, has a new film opening in U.S. theatres on September 22, 2006. It is called Flyboys and it is about the Lafayette Escadrille, a group of American volunteers who flew with the French Air Force during the First World War. For more information, please check out the Flyboys web site. Phillip is credited as executive producer of the film.

Hello Panama!

We've recently received six new registrants from Panama, a new country for our list. It is quite remarkable that there are that many Goldfarbs in such a small country (pop. 3,000,000; land area 76,000 km2). ¡Bienvenidos a los Goldfarbs de Panamá!

The "Goldfarb" as a Unit of Measurement

In my previous update, I included on this page an email I received a couple of years ago, which I think is of interest to all Goldfarbs. I'll keep it on this page a little longer.

Back in the early 1960s, the L'il Abner comic strip featured a story in which there was a unit of measurement called a goldfarb. In this connection, I received the following email on August 11, 2003:

Dear Ben---

I represent the estate of cartoonist Al Capp, creator of "Li'l Abner" and am responsible for publishing nearly thirty volumes of Capp's satirical comics. I'm currently editing and annotating a four-volume set of books devoted to his color Sunday strips from 1954-61. Capp created a story line in May 1960 about a unit of measurement called a "goldfarb."

The unit of measurement, part of an elaborate shaggy dog story, could have been called anything, so I have to assume that Capp deliberately [chose] the term Goldfarb as an in-joke for a friend, business associate or perhaps a relative named Goldfarb. His 60 million readers would have no idea what the origin was, and wouldn't have particularly cared, because it was incidental to the actual joke.

What is somewhat startling is an overtly Jewish name in the context of "Li'l Abner," a hillbilly who lives in Appalachia among fellow residents of backwoods Dogpatch, a community of unabashed rednecks. Capp (nee Caplin) was himself Jewish, but my research shows very little material in Li'l Abner which has an obvious Jewish (or other ethnic) connection, probably because of the mainstream audience. Thus I'm hoping someone connected to your site can provide some insight into the "Goldfarb" mystery.

Perhaps this inquiry can be posted on your site and some member of the extended Goldfarb community (or an heir to the friend of Capp) will know the story behind the Goldfarb who inspired the 1960 Li'l Abner reference.

Thanks for any assistance you might provide. My contact information is below.

Denis Kitchen

Denis Kitchen Art Agency
P.O. Box 9514
North Amherst, MA 01059-9514

PHONE 413-259-1627
FAX 413-259-1812


I had a brief email dialog with Mr. Kitchen, hoping that he would grant me permission to use some of the old strips on this site in return for promoting his book. We never got the details hashed out. Perhaps someday we will. In the meanwhile, if anyone has any insight into the etiology of this fancifully facetious unit of measurement called the goldfarb, please enlighten us by sending an email to me and Mr. Kitchen.

Let Me Hear from You

Please continue to keep the good suggestions rolling in and keep me apprised of any broken links or other problems you might encounter on this site. There is a special forum in the BBS that you can use for comments about the site, or you may send them to me directly via email at

I hope you enjoy your visit to The All-Goldfarb Site. Thank you for coming!


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United states: 551; Israel: 47; Argentina: 44; Canada: 40; France: 25; Brazil: 10; Australia: 9; United kingdom: 9; Panama: 7; Belgium: 5; Netherlands: 4; Venezuela: 4; Colombia: 3; Chile: 2; Ireland: 2; Russian federation: 2; South africa: 2; Spain: 2; Germany: 1; Italy: 1; Latvia: 1; Lithuania: 1; Mexico: 1; Switzerland: 1.

To be included in our database, please fill out the inclusion request form.

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